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Mid-East Toronto Sub-Region
Primary Care e-blast

eConsult provides quick access to specialist advice

March 29, 2019

Get faster access to specialist advice

eConsult improves patient care by offering timely access to specialist advice, and often eliminates the need to send patients for in-person specialist visits.

Physicians and nurse practitioners use a private and secure web portal to send a specialist a clinical question about their patient and receive a prompt response.

Soon, they will also have the convenience of accessing eConsult through their electronic medical record (EMR) software.

The Ontario eConsult Program

The Ontario eConsult Program was created to enable timely and equitable access to specialist advice, and is available to all to primary care physicians and nurse practitioners.

OntarioMD is supporting the deployment of the program and enabling availability of the service through OntarioMD-certified EMRs.

eConsult provides important benefits

  • Quick access to specialist advice from anywhere in Ontario. On average, the requesting provider receives a response in less than two days.
  • Saves time and resources, as only about one third of eConsults result in patients needing to see a specialist face-to-face.
  • Liability protection for specialists, through the permanent written record of advice provided on a secure platform.

How eConsult works

  1. Referer sees patient and collects PHI such as:
    • Exam results
    • Lab results
    • Digital photos
  2. eConsult creates and sends eConsult to specialist with PHI and clinical question
  3. Specialist reviews patient data
  4. eConsult specialist:
    • Answers a clinical question or;
    • Provides a consult report or;
    • Requests that the patient be referred

More details (pdf file)

For registration or questions about eConsult

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